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Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes and Fitted Kitchens in Leeds

Inspired Design specialise in the creation of fitted kitchens and fitted wardrobes, and can provide seamless integration of either for residential homes, developments and commercial properties in Leeds. Kitchen design and bedroom design are key service strengths for our company. We use kitchens from Schüller as our product of choice, while our skilled installers provide bespoke joinery services for the creation of fitted wardrobes.


When you choose our kitchen showroom near Leeds for fitted wardrobes and fitted kitchens, you don’t just benefit from our experience. You also benefit from the innovation behind the software we use and the precision engineering and design of our product range.

Quality of Build

Perhaps the biggest benefit we can provide for property owners and developers in Leeds is quality of build. With our fitted kitchens from Schüller, customers and clients are investing into a market-leading brand renowned for excellence of engineering. We genuinely believe there are no better kitchens on the market for build quality than those supplied by Schüller.


Because our fitted wardrobes are custom-built, we retain complete control over the way they are integrated into Leeds properties. Only the best materials available to us are used in construction, and our kitchen showroom can supply doors and fixtures from Santa Lucia.

Style and Finish

Our kitchen design services are made simple though the choice of products we have at our kitchen showroom in Morley, just a short 30 minute journey from nearby Leeds. Schüller fitted kitchens have sleek profiles and finishes which make them particularly suitable for traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional styling.


Lacquered and wood finishes for kitchens allow for exceptional aesthetics which meet your own aspirations and the concepts you have in mind. Fitted wardrobes, bookcases and similar storage options can even be finished in stainless steel to your satisfaction.

Practicality and Functionality

Getting a kitchen design and appearance right is one thing but the installation of practical, functional kitchens in Leeds is another thing entirely. The standards of engineering on the fitted kitchens we use on our developments are unsurpassed by any other manufacturer in our sector. That’s why Schüller kitchens always come first for us and for our clients.


Fitted wardrobes from our kitchen showroom are also practical and functional. This is because we design them with your room space and your personal requirements in mind. Kitchens and bedrooms from Inspired Design are created from the best materials and brands available to us, and can go on to deliver many years of faultless performance.

Interested in kitchen design or bedroom design for your Leeds property? Visit our showroom or call 01132 526968. We specialise in fitted kitchens and fitted wardrobes.